How machines and human could co-operate?

It seems to be a never ending discussion. Are the machines going to enslave us all?

What if we wouldn’t talk about who controls who but instead would try to find ways how humans and machines could complement each other? Humans are better in asking questions and machines are better in answering them. So, when you think about it, the obvious way to go is co-operation.

Human and machine co-operation workshop from Futurice on Vimeo.

When we bring intelligent systems into peace tech, this way of thinking is more important than ever. We have already learned that peace tech is all about providing tools for humans to build peace. How should the systems be designed to support this?

On the 19th of April we are going to tip our toes into this question. Minna Mustakallio and Annina Antinranta from Futurice describe in this video how we are going to approach this subject in the workshop.

It’s a breakfast event starting at 9:00. You can sign in via this page!

And as always, we’ll share the results afterwards to everyone.